so last night i decided to go out with some friends of mine to a club and it was THE WORST IDEA OF MY LIFE i got home today and started arugin with my gf cuz she doesnt like me hangin out with these people but then she goes on my screen name and writes to the kid she knows i was with pretending like it was me tryin to find out if i did anything aka cheat (which i never have nor never will) and this fuckin idiot friend of mine being drunk on extacy and high totally got the story mixed up and said i caught a bj and it wasnt me it was another friend of mine that supposedly did now shes broke up with me and shes not talkin to me if only i would have known this was gonna happen i would have never went out somehow i always seem to get fucked over in the end

i feel like crying cuz i dont think shes gonna let this go and the most fucked up part is i didnt do anything wrong=(